Did someone say party?????

These doggy donut party boxes are perfect for doggy walks, playdates and Birthday parties.

A selection of small, soft cakes in a mix of 4 different flavours. You can have a small box of 4 or a large box of 9. 


Flavours are:

Turkey & Cranberry

Roast Chicken

Pink Peanut Butter

Cheddar Cheese


Each donut is approx 3x3 inches and are perfect for smaller dogs or for sharing with all your pooches favourite friends! These cakes are a fresh cake and will need to be kept in the fridge.


You can choose from having one single flavour of donut for your party or a box of mixed flavours. 


Please let us know the date you would like these cakes delivered (we only deliver on a Tues-Friday) and please leave us a mobile number for the courier and tracking.

Doggy Donuts

  • All donuts have the same base recipe which is:

    Wheat and gluten free flour (rice, potato, tapioca, maize),
    milk, egg, rapeseed oil. 

    We then flavour the cakes with either

    1) Minced chicken & herbs

    2) Cheddar cheese

    3) Peanut butter (with beetroot and coconut),

    4) Minced turkey & dried cranberries.