If your dog suffers from allergies then switching them to a grain free diet can be beneficial to their health and help eliminate those pesky problems related to allergies such as itching, excessive licking, dry skin and diarrhoea.


This Birthday cake is made from chickpea flour so is highly digestible for sensitive tummies, choose the main flavour of the cake from chicken or cheese.

The cake is then decorated with mashed potato icing,  circled with crunchy, grain free, cheesy bones and finished with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds and herbs. You can also choose to add a sparkly cake topper to make it extra special.


Please note, every element of this cake has been specially formulated to fit it's 'grain free' requirements and also be suitable for mailorder. No changes can be made to this cake and we are unable to write any messages on it due to the type of frosting/toppings.


Choose from 3 sizes of cake:

Small- A 4 inch cake suitable for 2-3 medium sized dogs

Medium- A 5 inch cake suitable for 4-5 medium sized dogs

Large- A 6 inch cake suitable for 6-7 medium sized dogs.


Cake ingredients: Gram/chickpea flour, water, egg.

Topping: Mash potato & herbs.

Grain Free Birthday Cake