Healthy dog chews with only 7 ingredients!


Brown rice flour, Agar-Agar (natural vegetable gelatin)

Organic eggs, Olive oil, Protein (chicken or beef), Banana, Pineapple.


These Wholesome Chews are carefully hand-rolled, uniquely cooked and dried making them easily digestible and nutritious. With absolutely NO chemicals, bleaches, formaldehydes, or additives, you can be happy knowing your pet is truly getting a nutritious, delicious, and long-lasting No-Hide® Nirvana experience.


Pick chews that are larger than their mouth. That way, they have to work at it, gnawing it down slowly. This prevents aggressive chewing, gulping, and breaking off of large pieces.

Always supervise your dog every time you are giving them a treat or chew of any kind be it these 'No Hide' chews, biscuits, real bones etc. 

Once the chew or NO-Hide is small enough to fit into your dog’s mouth, we always recommended discarding it and getting your dog another No-Hide.


No-Hide Chews (chicken)

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  • Below is a recommended size guide -

    • Small Dogs / Cats - Up to 6-7kgs - No-Hide Stix
    • Medium Dogs - Up to 20kg - Small No-Hide
    • Large Dogs - Up to 35kg - Medium No-Hide
    • Giant Dogs - 35kg and above - Large No-Hide