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A selection of 6 pupcakes in 3 different flavours in a beautiful gift box.

Flavours are: Bangers and Mash (chicken and sausage), Peanut butter, Shepherds Pie (lamb and vegetable).

Cakes will come individually wrapped in cling film to keep them airtight and soft. Keep them in all their original packaging until party time so they dont dry out in the fridge.


Pupcakes need to be eaten within 4 days of receiving delivery and need to be stored in the fridge.


Please enter in the custom box the date you would like this cake delivered. Please note we require 4 days notice for all cakes and we make deliveries on a Tuesday-Friday.

Pupcakes x 6

  • Peanut Butter- Gluten free flour, peanut butter, milk, banana, egg, carob,
    rapeseed oil, milk bone.
    Nutritional analysis. Moisture 33.7%, Protein 9.1%, Fat 17.7%, Ash 1.7%, Fibre 9.7%
    Bangers- Gluten free flour,  chicken, milk, eggs, rapeseed oil, sausages.
    Nutritional analysis. Moisture 42.4%, Protein 9.1%, Fat 13.6%, Ash 2.5%, Fibre 7.3%
    Shepherds pie- Gluten free flour, lamb, mixed vegetables, milk, eggs,
    rapeseed oil, carob, gravy bone. PET FOOD ONLY
    Nutritional analysis: Moisture 42.4%, Protein 7.4%, Fat 8.3%, Ash 2.4%, Fibre 4.6%.

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