Your pooches first Christmas is going to be an exciting one and they really should have their own prezzies under the tree.


Filled with toys, treats and a special doggy cracker for Christmas day this hamper is the perfect way to include your dog in all the festive madness.

Choose your cracker flavour from the drop down menu.



1 x Bag of Gluten free rosemary Christmas trees (made from fish and rosemary)

1 x Bag of Gluten free chubby snowmen (made from Organic peanut butter)

1 x Bushy tailed rudolph toy

1 x Doggy Cracker filled with treats and an adjustable tie/bow. (Ties and bows are approx 40-45cm in circumference, pattern/style is random.)


'Puppy's First Christmas' Hamper

Cracker Biscuits