A gorgeous gift box filled with cheesy cookies for your pooch to enjoy on Christmas day.

These biscuits are all hand decorated with a special sugar free doggy icing and coloured with natural fruit and vegetable colours.


These boxes are NOT personalised so they are a great gift for colleagues and clients who you know have a dog but you dont want to give the game away by asking the dogs name. If you would prefer a personalised gift box then the other 2 gift boxes in this range can be personalised.


Biscuit Ingredients:


Cheese biscuits: Oats, rye flour, grated cheese, rapeseed oil, milk, egg.  

Analytical Constituents: Moisture 3.9%,Protein 13.2%, Fat 19%, Ash 1.8% Crude Fibre 11%.


Icing: Ingredients: Yoghurt powder,skimmed milk, maize flour, tapioca flour, albumen, (trace maltodextrin)


Please note fluctuations in temperature and the different fruits we colour the biscuits with may mean some biscuits look glossier than others in pictures.

Christmas Turkey gift box

  • All gift boxes will keep fresh for 6 months, no need to store in the fridge. Each biscuit comes wrapped in a little see through bag, this bag IS NOT PLASTIC, it is made from eco friendly plant cellulose and is fully compostable. If you want to take great pictures for your doggies Instagram we reccomend you take the biscuits out of these bags to stop the light bouncing off them.