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​Our Philosophy


Welcome to Four Legged Fancies!

I created 'Four Legged Fancies' as my family and I have been involved with dogs for over 30 years. We are Guide Dog puppy walkers and have helped train over 50 dogs in their first stage in becoming working Guide Dogs.

I did not just set up this business as I am dog mad but more importantly I was concerned about the junk that goes into some pet foods. Many dog treats on the market might look nice and tasty but many of them contain high amounts of sugar, salt, colours, additives and preservatives, all of which can lead to an unhealthy pooch.


All of my treats are made with healthy, natural ingredients and kept as low fat as possible with none of the nasties mentioned above.  


Also I think the best part of treating your dogs is not only doing it with something tasty but also with something that is fun for the owner.

Our treats make fun and original gifts for dog owners and are a great way to say 'Thank You' or 'Happy Birthday' to a special doggy mad friend!


So welcome to the site, head on in to find a great list of fun products to suit even the pickiest of pooches.


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Wheat allergies are very common in dogs and can cause a number of unpleasant problems such as itchy skin, runny tummies, wind and diarrhoea. If your dog is displaying any of the symptoms above including biting their paws, rubbing their face or generally being very itchy I would recommend you have them tested for a wheat allergy.


I am happy to say that after a lot of researching and experimenting all of '4LF's' doggy treats are now made with 'non wheat' flour such as oats, rye, rice and tapioca.

It is also important to remember that 'wheat free' and 'gluten free' are two different things and extra care should be taken with Coeliac dogs. Please consider these points and your own dogs dietary needs when purchasing these biscuits. If it is just personal choice to avoid wheat in your dogs diet then my treats are the perfect choice however if your dog has a strong allergy to wheat or gluten then its better if you play it safe and stick to the gluten free biscuits listed on the website. 



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Our Ingredients​


All of our ingredients are of excellent quality and are sourced as locally as possible.

All of the oats and flours we use are from UK farms, all of our peanut butter is palm oil free and our meat is from a local pet food manufacturer. We do not buy any meat from China or other foreign countries and our dry ingredients are all human grade.

All of these recipes are dog friendly and come from a knowledge of what ingredients are safe and not safe for dogs to eat. 



defra approved dog bakery

Four Legged Fancies is a DEFRA approved business, 34/642/8015/ABP/PTF.

In compliance with DEFRA regulations our products are routinely tested in a laboratory and our premises are regularly inspected so you can buy with confidence.

We are also fully compliant with trading standards.