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How much is shipping?
We only charge £3.95 for shipping as the biscuits have to be sent as parcels. Cakes are sent on 24hr service at no extra cost. 
Do you ship to my country?

Currently we can only ship to the UK and Ireland. 

​How long do the biscuits keep?

Biscuits will keep for a few months  as long as they are stored in an airtight container or left in their packaging. Each pack has a unique sell by date on the back of the packet.


If you are unhappy with any of your purchases please call or email us and we will organise a refund or replacement providing:

it has not been tampered with

it is in it's original packaging

it is in a re-saleable condition

All items are to be returned at the consumers cost.

Where can I buy your products other than online?

Currently all 2020 shows are cancelled due to Covid however we have our fingers crossed that some Christmas shows may still go ahead. We will update our social media as to when and where so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


We require 4 days notice from your requested delivery date to cancel any cake. Any less notice and your cake is likely to have already been made and will have to be thrown away and we will still need to charge you for this. Postage however can be refunded.

When shall I order my cake?
You can order your cake months in advance if you like, we appreciate as much notice as possible but we require at least 4 days as an absolute minimum. During checkout you will be asked to enter the date you would like the cake delivered. Please have cakes delivered at least a day before your party as sometimes delivery delays are completely out of my control e.g the courier breaks down.
Please note we are in unprecedented times and couriers are stretched to the max. If your order experiences a delay with the courier please be patient as this is out of our control.
I've left it late, can you squeeze me in?
Every week we have a large list of cake orders we need to work through. We have a strict schedule and it isn't always possible to fulfil last minute orders. If you have less than 4 days please email us first and we will try our very best to fit you in. We will not take your money and not fulfil your order, you will always be offered alternative delivery options 
Why do you only deliver on Tues-Friday?
We use a business courier for all of our deliveries, this means they only deliver on business days eg mon-friday. However if you wanted a delivery on Monday this would mean they would need to collect the cake from me on Friday, it would then sit in the depot for the weekend for the courier to deliver on Monday. This is no good for the cakes as we like them to be in the fridge for as long as possible, therefore we suggest you have the cakes delivered before the weekend so you can keep it in your fridge until Monday.
Why do I need to store the cake in the fridge?
Our cakes are made in a similar way to a human cake, therefore you need to treat them in the same way. When you receive your cake the best thing to do is just leave it in it's cake box and put it in the fridge until the party.
Why don't you deliver to the Highlands?
Currently our courier is unable to deliver parcels here in the 24hr time scale we require for cakes. This is the same for Ireland, Isle of White etc.
Can puppies eat your cakes?
Puppies are generally considered to be under 6 months old, we suggest puppies from the age of 4 months can eat our cakes, this is because they are a little richer than our range of biscuits. If you are buying for younger dogs or dogs with delicate tummies we suggest one of the simpler cakes such as the 'Roast Chicken' cake which does not have the melted icing on top.
How do you colour your cakes?
Here at FLF we do not use any artificial colours, flavours or E numbers. All of our colours are made from natural vegetable juices or powders.



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