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These grain free delicious bug based treats for dogs are sustainable, ethical and are also a completely healthy and nutritious protein source for your pup.


Mealworms have a higher nutritional value than beef and chicken, comparable nutritional balance and are a good source of all essential amino acids so our Bug Bites are not only great for the planet, they're great for your pet too. The formula is protein rich and packed with naturally rich nutrients and antioxidants.


There has never been a more important time to reduce our carbon pawprint than today and if the benefits of switching protein sources aren't already clear enough then we want to encourage you to try our Bug Bites today.





Yellow pea flour,Mealworm meal,Cheese lactosan,Rapeseed oil,Beetroot powder.

Crude protein 28%, Crude fat 14%, Crude fibre 6%, Crude ash 4%, Moisture 9%


Peanut Butter:

Yellow pea flour, Kibbled peanuts, 20% mealworm, Rapeseed oil, Tumeric.

Crude protein 27%, Crude fat 14%, Crude fibre 6%, Crude ash 3%, Moisture 9%


Mealworm biscuits (grain free)

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