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A new range of 100% natural, handmade shampoo bars made just for your pet.


Shampoo bars are not only great for the planet as they reduce the amount of plastic packaging in landfill but you simply get way more bang for your buck using shampoo bars compared to bottled shampoo.


The range is all paraben and MIT free, extensively tested on humans before animals – we know if it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our pets!


BeClean- Antibacterial & Cleansing 

If your pet is a frequent fox-poo roller, then this shampoo bar is for you! It gives a glossy coat, with a reassuringly clean scent thanks to the natural blend of tea tree essence and the growth-boosting benefits of green tea extract. Antibacterial tea-tree oil helps to keep your pets’s coat free from lice and bacteria – making them an even cuddlier friend to snuggle up with.


BeCalm- Calming & Nourishing

Deeply conditioning and moisturising goats milk combined with calming scents of lavender and camomile ensure your pet’s skin retains moisture at bath time, resulting in softer skin, silkier coats and happier pets too!


BeBugfree- Insect Repelling & Cleansing

Fend off bugs with this exfoliating and moisturising shampoo bar. Our natural formula contains a blend of neem oil and citronella that repels insects and is kinder on your pet’s skin than other harsh soaps and shampoos. This bar creates a lovely, citrusy lather that leaves your pets’ fur clean, shiny and ready to bound bug-free into the fields.

Shampoo bars

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