This is a brilliant cake for the boys out there.


This is a gluten free sponge cake (choose from chicken, cheese or peanut butter) which we then top with melted yoghurt drops coloured green by natural spinach to look like grass. The cake is then decorated with 2 x crunchy Dinosaur biscuits, a crunchy palm tree and peanut butter boulders.


The cake will come with the boulders already in place and all you do is slot the biscuits between them to stand them up straight and create this Dinosaur scene!


You can also personalise the cake by adding your dogs name.


This cake is a 6 inch cake which will happily feed 5-6 dogs, probably 7 if you include the biscuits.


Please note whilst you are able to change the flavour of the cake it is not possible to change the flavour of the Dinosaur biscuits or boulders. Dinosaur biscuits are made from cheese and the boulders are made from peanut butter coloured black with activated charcoal.


All of our colours come from natural fruits and vegetables.




Please enter in the custom box the date you would like this cake delivered. Please note we require 4 days notice for all cakes and we make deliveries on a Tuesday-Friday. We also require a mobile number to pass on to the courier so they can text you a delivery slot. This mobile number is also helpful for us incase there are any urgent issues regarding your order. 

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

  • Peanut Butter- Gluten free flour (rice, potato, tapioca, buckwheat, maize) , peanut butter, milk, banana, eggs.

    Chicken- Gluten free flour (rice, potato, tapioca, buckwheat, maize) , chicken, milk, eggs, rapeseed oil.

    Cheese- Gluten free flour (rice, potato, tapioca, buckwheat, maize), cheddar cheese, milk, egg, rapeseed oil.