This is the tastiest cake we have made to date!


A cheddar cheese, gluten free sponge base topped with melted yoghurt drops and doggy popcorn.


Choose from 3 different sizes:

Small- A 5 inch cake suitable for 2-3 medium sized dogs

Medium- A 7.5 inch cake suitable for 5-6  medium sized dogs

Large- A 8.5 Inch cake suitable for 8-10 medium sized dogs




Ingredients: Gluten free flour (rice, potato, tapioca, maize), cheddar cheese,
milk, egg,rapeseed oil. Topping: Yoghurt drops, popcorn.
Nutritional analysis. Moisture 33.7%, Protein 9.1%, Fat 17.7%,
Ash 1.7%, Fibre 9.7%


'You Get Cheddar With Age' Birthday Cake